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10 Ways to Live a More Adventurous Life

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I LOVE a good adventure. I love adventures of all kinds and I try to make every day a new adventure. Because there’s nothing worse than monotony, as far as I’m concerned. Adventures come in all shapes and sizes…some days I’m riding a camel in the desert, others I’m hiking through the mountains, others I’m overdosing on gelato in Italy. But no matter what each new day brings, one thing is for sure, I love a good adventure. If you love adventure and travel too, you may have dreamed about taking on some long term travels. I definitely encourage you to travel as much as you can. And no matter how far your travels take you, you can use these tips to make your life a bit more adventurous! Here are the 10 Ways to Live a More Adventurous Life!

10 Ways to Live a More Adventurous Life

1 | Get a Passport

This is the first step to traveling outside your home country and a big step towards getting some big adventures started! It’s a pretty exciting place to start, and even if you don’t have any international trips planned yet it’s a great idea to get your passport so that you’re ready.

2 | Travel Off the Beaten Path

Once you’re ready to start traveling, try to go off the beaten path as much as you can. Whether you travel to entire countries and regions that are less popular, or you just manage to go beyond the tourist attractions in a given city, you’ll have a richer experience!

3 | Travel Alone

It can be scary the first time, but trust me it’s worth it to travel alone. You’re more aware of your surroundings, more apt to engage with locals, and more open to learn all that the world has to teach you. Traveling alone is a liberating experience and definitely an adventure!

4 | Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Whenever you have a chance, you should step outside your comfort zone. Sometimes that can be as big as traveling alone or hiking up a tall mountain, or it can be as small as striking up a conversation with someone new or trying a new international cuisine. Try something new, and you never know, you may just love it!

5 | Talk to Strangers

Though not advised for kids, as an adult it can be a great adventure to talk to strangers! After all, your friends were all strangers to you before you knew them. Everyone you meet in your travels can provide a unique perspective and something interesting to your adventure.

6 | Say Yes More

Having more adventures means trying new things, and to do that you have to say yes more! It’s so easy to say no, to only do what’s comfortable and familiar. But your comfort zone is not where adventures happen. Try saying YES today!

7 | Take Risks

Great adventures and great success always require taking risks. Be smart about the risks you take and use common sense, but don’t be afraid to take a leap. Traveling alone was a risk for me and leaving my job to become a travel blogger was a risk for me, but I’ve benefitted from those decisions in so many ways. And now I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t taken those risks!

8 | Seize Opportunities

Take every opportunity you can to pursue adventure! The great thing about adventures is that they pop up all the time, and you just have to be ready to take advantage of the opportunity. If your friend is going on a trip and offers for you to join, go! If people at the hostel are going whitewater rafting, join them! Take opportunities as they come, it’s the only way to embrace adventure.

9 | Watch Less Television

If you think there isn’t enough time in the day or in your life for the adventures that you want to have, then you’re not prioritizing those adventures. Cut out the extraneous, and you’ll have time in your life for what you really care about. Watch less television and you’ll have more time for real-life adventures!

10 | Get Outside

I think it’s safe to say most adventures happen when you get outside, since there’s only a limited amount you can do at home. So get outside and go explore, whether it’s your city, a nearby national park, or another country altogether. Get out and have some adventures!

10 Ways to Live a More Adventurous Life // Brittany from Boston

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13 thoughts on “10 Ways to Live a More Adventurous Life

  1. Great list and I agree everything on there especially the travelling solo as it is sometimes better as it pushes you to do more and I must admit, it made me a more confident traveller and allowed me to have great experiences and meet more people had I have not been on my own I probably would never have spoken to.

  2. My word of the year is actually adventure, so this is a timely post for me. The big challenge I will complete this year is travelling solo. As you have pointed out it is an adventure but I’m super scared about going it alone, but it is a fear I want to overcome! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. These all speak to me. Getting a passport is a great start for those who don’t get out too often. I talk to strangers frequently and you just learn so much. Travelling alone is also so true. I met my husband by taking that chance!

  4. I would say that I have done everything on your list since I quit work to travel. It’s the best experience and it’s great to get out of your comfort zone. I have made so many friends along the way that I met in hostels and tried so many new things and overall its been an amazing experience.

  5. Yes! What a great list! We do a good job of getting outside a lot, but I could be better about talking to strangers. The introvert in me just wants to go for a hike :). As I am traveling with my family for a year (nonstop), I actually fantasize about traveling alone. The idea of not having to take care of anyone else for a few days sounds amazing… I could use a little more of that adventure!

  6. All very true and great tips! I wished I made more of an effort to travel alone. It’s true that you find yourself more when pushed to break boundaries and take some risks. And getting outside more is at the top of my list. Thanks for the post!

  7. Saying YES more often is definitely a piece of advice I share with everyone. I’ve found that at all ages people are scared of one thing or another and I hear NO all the time. Life is too short for NO!

  8. I’ve traveled solo for the first few part of my “travel life” and I’m actually the most unadventurous person you will ever meet. Lol. I think putting myself out there boosted my confidence in general. I grew up in small town in the Philippines where people are expected to be meek and gentle and solo traveling brought out the stronger side of my personality. I have to say that traveling and being adventurous is what me who I am now. 🙂

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