“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The idea and the act of travel has forever changed me. Through travel, I’ve found the world to be a fantastically diverse and complicated landscape, one that I am keen to explore more of every day. And through discovering the world, I’ve discovered myself.

Anyone who has traveled can identify with the feeling of returning home with expanded horizons, and the privilege of seeing familiar things in new ways. It is through the continuous pursuit of this boundary-pushing adventure that I have found comfort outside my comfort zone.

The first time I traveled solo internationally was to India, and it was a product of necessity. No one I knew wanted to visit India, but I was on a mission to see the Taj Mahal before it closed to the public. So I went at it alone, and it was a fantastic success!

With that sense of freedom and independence that only solo travel can provide, I felt ready to take on the world. Since then I’ve traveled so much that I’ve exhausted the pages of my passport book, each of which is filled with memories of adventures around the globe.

Travel has fundamentally changed how I view the world and interact with those in it. I’ve found it very eye-opening to see different cultures and societies, as an outsider. Everything makes more sense in context. And through this lens of understanding different ways of life, it becomes much easier to accept differences in the people we interact with even when we aren’t traveling.

Since travel has done all this for me, I want to share this with you! I aspire to share my experiences and travels with you in a way that both inspires you to embark on your own travels and prepares you to be a more informed global citizen.

P.S. – I consider myself a citizen of the world, but Boston is still my home! It’s a great city, you should definitely visit!

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