The Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in NYC // Brittany from Boston

Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in NYC

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There are some things that New York City just does better than any other city, like mixing different cultures together and making the space for beautiful creations. In this way, NYC has helped the Asian Fusion restaurant culture to thrive (and we’re all better off for it!). I honestly never thought to write a post like this but on my recent trip to New York I was just struck again and again with how prevalent the Asian Fusion food scene is. And so I made it my mission to find the BEST Asian Fusion restaurants in NYC for YOU!

The great thing about Asian Fusion cuisine is that it blends together foods that are familiar and foreign, making the exotic flavors more accessible. It also brings a new dimension to two different food cultures, spicing up traditional dishes for a fun new meal! Ready to give it a try? Here are the best Asian Fusion restaurants that you should try the next time you’re in New York!

Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in NYC // Brittany from Boston

The Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in NYC:


9th & 15th

This is not only the swankiest restaurant I’ve ever seen, but also manages to complement its classy ambiance with an impressive menu of Asian Fusion offerings. Think: lobster egg rolls, oxtail dumplings, kung pao monkfish, and peking duck salad. If you’re looking for a fancy dinner that will be memorable for years to come, get your reservation at Buddakan!

Uncle Sam’s Burgers

5th & 31st

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the quick and easy (but totally delicious!) Asian Fusion burger joint, Uncle Sam’s. They bring the flavor of Asian cuisine to the classic American burger (a juicy one at that!). Try their signature burger or venture out to something more extreme, you won’t be disappointed. And of course, every burger comes with a fortune cookie!

momofuku noodle bar

1st & 11th

One of the original pioneers of Asian Fusion cuisine, momofuku is one you’ve definitely got to try! Their noodle bar takes the basic college meal staple of ramen noodles to a whole new level. Prepare to be blown away by the momofuku ramen bowl, which features pork, seaweed, scallions, and a poached egg. It sounds crazy, but trust me it’s delicious! momofuku has also opened a milk bar for desserts, and some other restaurants around the city, but the noodle bar is the original!

Uma Terakeria

7th & 14th

You’ve probably heard rumor of a sushi burrito on social media, right? Well this is where that magical creation was invented! If you like sushi, you’ll love to take it to the extreme with this super-sized sushi burrito! They’re made fresh-to-order like any other burrito shop, so you can fit all your favorite fillings into your custom roll! Even if you’re only a fair-weather fan of sushi, this experience is too cool to pass up!

Lady M Cakes

Bryant Park (& others)

Do you like French crepes? What if they were stacked 20 crepes high and layered with sweet crème? Sounds like magic, right? Well Lady M Cakes is busting your conventional idea of cakes with the crepe cake, in their Japanese-French infusion cake shop. This sweet treat is even more delicious than it looks, it’s the perfect dessert to an Asian Fusion dinner!

Have I blown your mind with these crazy new cuisine offerings? Well they blew my mind, and I enjoyed trying them all! If you’re looking for the cutting edge culinary trends, NYC is the place to go and Asian Fusion is the cuisine to try!

Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in NYC // Brittany from Boston

Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in NYC // Brittany from Boston

Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in NYC // Brittany from Boston

Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in NYC // Brittany from Boston

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