Why You Should Book Your Next Vacation NOW // Brittany from Boston

Why You Need to Book Your Next Vacation NOW

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I’d say we could all use a vacation right about now. Even if you travel full-time like I do, you sometimes need a vacation from your vacation. In order to preserve your mental and emotional health, it’s important to give yourself a vacation from your regular life. So whoever you are and wherever you are, these are the reasons why you need to book your next vacation now!

Why You Need to Book Your Next Vacation NOW

Clear Your Head

When we’re at home, in the middle of our work and stresses, it can be hard to see a way through it all. Take a step away from those problems so you can clear your head. Getting space from those stresses gives your mind the freedom to work out how to tackle them. With that space you might even realize that the problems you were stressing about weren’t actually as big as you thought when you were in the middle of them.

Get Some Perspective

One of the most valuable benefits of travel is that it gives us perspective. When we leave our little bubble, our world of work and home and friends, we see the world from a new angle. We learn a little bit more about how big and diverse the world is, and we see a glimpse into the vastly different lives of other people around the world. No matter how far you travel from home, you’ll see something different from what you’re used to. And that gives you a valuable new perspective, which helps you frame your experiences and observations. There’s no better time than the present to gain a bit of perspective.

Something to Look Forward To

Scientific studies have actually proved that the anticipation of a vacation can cause the release of just as many endorphins as the travel itself. Having that experience to look forward to gives us a boost of happiness and excitement. As we plan for the trip, exploring the possibilities and learning about our destination, we get more excited for the experience. So do yourself and your mind a favor and book your next vacation now. I promise you’ll feel better during the whole time leading up to it!

New Experiences are Enriching

Traveling, going on adventures, and experiencing new cultures and activities enrich our lives. I think back to when I went volcano boarding in Nicaragua, and it was so scary and exciting. But it showed me that I could take on a crazy adventure that initially scared me, and actually end up loving it. And I think about the time I visited India and I was in major MAJOR culture shock but I learned so much about another culture and way of life. And I came away with a better understanding of and appreciation for the world around me.

Come Home Refreshed

For me one of the absolute best things about travel is the feeling of coming home and appreciating everything and everyone so much more. No matter how far or long you travel, there’s no place like home! You’ll come home from your trip with a boost of excitement, new stories to tell, and an appreciation for the comforts of home. Taking time away from our hectic lives for a much-needed vacation allows us to relax and enjoy ourselves, then come home all refreshed and ready to tackle regular life again.

Now don’t you agree that you need to book your next vacation now? (or like yesterday??) Travel is such an important experience and it benefits us in so many ways, and so it’s important that we find time to travel as often as we can. Tell me, where’s your next vacation going to be?

Why You Should Book Your Next Vacation NOW // Brittany from Boston

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