20 Ways to Save Money for Travel // Brittany from Boston

20 Ways to Save Money for Travel

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If you’re like me, you have way more travel ideas than money to make them happen. I do have some tips to travel for free, which you can find here. And between smart budgeting in my travels, and diligent saving leading up to my travels, I have been able to go on a lot of […]

The Warmth of Greek Hospitality // Brittany from Boston

The Warmth of Greek Hospitality

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Probably my favorite part about traveling the world alone in this past year has been the surprising gestures of kindness that people have extended to me. When I needed it most (like hitchhiking through South America) or didn’t even know I needed it, people have helped me along on my journey in so many ways. […]

My Travel To-Do List // Brittany from Boston

My Travel To-Do List

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At this point, I’ve hit 35 countries on 5 continents and have been traveling permanently for over a year. You would think that at this point I’ve checked off most of my travel to-do list, right? Nope. Haven’t even made a dent. It would be discouraging in any other to-do list situation but when it […]

Morocco Packing List // Brittany from Boston

Morocco Packing List

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Having told you already about all the cool things there are to do in Morocco, like in Marrakech and Fez and Chefchaouen and the Sahara Desert, as well as the potential hazards that await female visitors, I think what you need next is a Morocco Packing List. With these items in hand you’ll be totally […]

The Perfect Airplane Outfit // Brittany from Boston

The Perfect Airplane Outfit

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The key to looking fabulous when you’re traveling is to find the perfect airplane outfit. You want something that will be comfortable as you’re spending long hours on planes, trains, and buses, as you’re lugging around bags and waiting in long lines. But you also want something that’s chic and stylish so you don’t look […]

Why You Should Book Your Next Vacation NOW // Brittany from Boston

Why You Need to Book Your Next Vacation NOW

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I’d say we could all use a vacation right about now. Even if you travel full-time like I do, you sometimes need a vacation from your vacation. In order to preserve your mental and emotional health, it’s important to give yourself a vacation from your regular life. So whoever you are and wherever you are, […]

How I Manage to Travel Full-Time (& Not Go Broke!) // Brittany from Boston

How I Manage to Travel Full-Time (& Not Go Broke!)

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Okay I think it’s about time I address the question everyone has for me… how exactly do I manage to travel full-time? There has to be some magic formula, some trick to getting this charmed life, right? Surely I know something that everyone else doesn’t, as I’ve managed to cheat the system and luck out […]