Morocco Packing List // Brittany from Boston

Morocco Packing List

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Having told you already about all the cool things there are to do in Morocco, like in Marrakech and Fez and Chefchaouen and the Sahara Desert, as well as the potential hazards that await female visitors, I think what you need next is a Morocco Packing List. With these items in hand you’ll be totally […]

Camel Ride in the Sahara Desert // Brittany from Boston

Camel Ride in the Sahara Desert

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When in Morocco, you cannot miss out on the chance to take a camel ride in the Sahara Desert! I might even dare to say it was the highlight of my trip to Morocco. In the early morning, a group of us, eager camel riders-to-be, packed into a van and headed out from Marrakech. The […]

Why I (Almost) Wore a Burka in Morocco // Brittany from Boston

Why I (Almost) Wore a Burka in Morocco

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Oh Morocco, it’s such a fascinating place. I don’t think you can really understand what it’s like until you’ve been there. I went in expecting souks filled with piles of spices and beautiful carpets and magic lamps. I expected snake charmers and delicious food and unique architectural design. I expected it to be a little […]

Chefchaouen Photo Diary: Morocco's Blue Town // Brittany from Boston

Chefchaouen Photo Diary: Morocco’s Blue Town

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There are some places in this world that are so inexplicably beautiful, that words just won’t do them justice. These places must really been seen to be appreciated. And in order to entice you to visit, and to dazzle your senses, I want to share with you one such place that I recently had the […]

Learning to Cook Moroccan Tajine // Brittany from Boston

Learning to Cook Moroccan Tajine

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As most of you know, I wasn’t terribly well-versed in international cuisine before I started traveling. Before traveling the world, I had never tried Thai food, Indian food, not even Mexican food! So it’s been a whirlwind experience trying all sorts of new foods that I never even knew about. Sometimes it’s a pleasant discovery, […]

Fez Morocco Visitors Guide // Brittany from Boston

Fez Morocco Visitors Guide

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Fez is the oldest and most religious city in Morocco, with a medina that’s still firmly set in the past. Were it not for the cluster of satellite dishes adorning every roofop, you might actually believe you’ve stepped into the past when you come to Fez. It’s everything hectic, historic, and cultural about Morocco, all […]

Marrakech Bucket List // Brittany from Boston

Marrakech Bucket List

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As soon as you step into the medina of Marrakech (the old walled town), you’re at once overwhelmed and mesmerized by the movement of people and donkey-drawn carts, the sounds of shopowners shuffling shoppers in and snake charmers performing, the scent of tajine slow roasting on the fire and mint tea steeping on the tables, […]