Newport Beach Visitor Guide // Brittany from Boston

Newport Beach Visitor Guide

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As popular in pop culture as anywhere in California, Newport Beach has been the setting for such television reality shows as The OC and Real Housewives of Orange County, among others. I haven’t watched those shows before, but I knew the reputation of Newport Beach as a wealthy beach town. Here the median price of […]

A Local's Guide to Chicago // Brittany from Boston

A Local’s Guide to Chicago

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I love Chicago, it’s such a beautiful and vibrant city. But I’ve spent limited time there and I really wanted to see what this city is like from a local’s perspective. So I reached out to my friend Chris of Nomad & Camera, a Chicago-native, and asked him to share with us the best of Chicago. […]

California Photo Diary // Brittany from Boston

California Photo Diary

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In my travels I meet a lot of people who have been to America or want to come visit. And you know where they want to go first? California. Almost always that’s where they dream of traveling! And truth be told, the majority of Americans want to visit California, too. It’s such a beautiful, sunny, […]

Dallas Travel Guide

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I haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting Dallas, and the last time I was in Texas at all was probably when I was in elementary school. But I have a blogger friend, What Taylor Likes, who hails from Dallas so I asked her to share the best of Dallas with us! She created this […]

Autumn in Acadia // Brittany from Boston

Autumn in Acadia

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Acadia National Park has been on my Travel To-Do list for a long time now but the timing was never right for me to get up there. And then finally I found myself with a few days of free time, right in the middle of the fall foliage spectacle, when the park lights up in […]

A Weekend in Annapolis, Maryland // Brittany from Boston

A Weekend in Annapolis, Maryland

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The draw of the exotic usually has me chasing down adventures in far-flung places across the globe that require a passport and possibly a few vaccinations. But I also love to explore locally, because my country has so much to offer. And yours does too! Adventures don’t need to include a plane ride. So in […]

NYC Bucket List // Brittany from Boston

NYC Bucket List

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I’m so excited to share with you an expert’s opinion on the best things to do in NYC. Due to the popularity of my Boston Bucket List, I asked my blogging friend Mary in Manhattan to share with us a NYC Bucket List! You’ll remember when Mary and I teamed up on the NYC Girls […]