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The Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

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With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to show our loved ones just how much we care. If you have a traveler in your life, you may be wondering what to possibly get for this person that values experiences over possessions. And this is definitely a dilemma, but in case you can’t buy them a plane ticket, I have some ideas for other gifts they’ll love. This holiday season, show your favorite traveler just how much you care with one of the gifts from my Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers!

The Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Scratch-Off World Map // My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


Scratch-Off Map

The scratch-off map is a great decoration for a traveler because it is a beautiful display of everywhere they’ve been in the world. As they travel, they can scratch off the areas on the map that they’ve traveled to. This decoration is a great conversation starter, and a showpiece for your #1 traveler’s #1 passion.


Eat Pray Love // My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Eat Pray Love

This movie makes my heart flutter with excitement as I think of all the adventures I can have in life. If your favorite traveler hasn’t seen this movie, it’s just the source of inspiration she needs.



Gold Luggage Set // My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Gold Luggage Set

There’s nothing more exciting than getting a new set of luggage and imagining all the places you’ll take it. A good luggage set will be sturdy so that it lasts for many trips to come, it will have 4 wheels for easy rolling, and it will be hard-sided to protect its contents. This gold set here fits the bill in style!


Monogrammed Passport Holder // My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


Monogrammed Passport Holder

A personalized passport holder is a thoughtful gift that your favorite traveler will enjoy every time she travels. I love this one because it comes in several pretty colors, it’s made of high-quality leather, and the gold lettering is just divine. Place your custom order soon!



Doors of Boston Prints // My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


Doors of Boston

My collection of Doors of Boston posters and prints is the perfect gift for anyone that lives in Boston, has been to Boston, or loves the historic charm of Boston’s homes. Treat the traveler in your life to a decoration that will bring the beauty of Boston into their home!



Universal Travel Adaptor // My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


Universal Travel Adaptor

I got a universal travel adaptor as a gift last Christmas and my life has never been the same! With this one adaptor, you can input any plug from any country, and then you can pop out the prongs you need for any country. It’s all in this one device, perfect for traveling smarter.


Scratch Travel Journal // My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Scratch Travel Journal

Even though we live in an increasingly digital era, I love to write down my thoughts during my travels in a real journal. This journal is a favorite of mine because it is equal parts journal, planner, checklist, and map. It’s everything your favorite traveler needs for her next travels!


Page-A-Day Calendar // My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Page-A-Day Calendar

A page-a-day calendar is the gift that keeps giving all year long! Every day your favorite traveler will peel back another page to reveal another beautiful photo of the 1000 Places to See Before You Die in this calendar.


Watercolor World Map // My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Watercolor World Map

Every traveler loves to decorate her home with world maps! This one is a lovely light pink watercolor of a world map, and it will definitely be a great decoration for your favorite traveler.


Overview Coffee Table Book // My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


Overview Coffee Table Book

This is the best conversation starter you could put on your coffee table. This book, called Overview, is a collection of 200 satellite images of the Earth. Each photo puts into stunning perspective the places that we know so well from the ground level.


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