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How To Do a Boston Accent

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I am forever disappointing people in my travels who expect me to speak with a Boston accent, but I don’t! But it’s true that I know lots and lots of people back home who speak with a Boston accent and it’s somewhat comforting when I hear it. After the disappointment of finding that I don’t have the accent, people will usually ask me to do a Boston accent or try to do it themselves. It’s fun and also funny to see people try. Since most movies do a poor job imitating it, people don’t always have the right idea of what it sounds like. And I’m admittedly not great at accents but I think I’ve got the Boston one down pat. If you want to learn how to do a Boston accent, try pronouncing these key phrases, which really bring out the best of the Boston accent and also feature some of our unique terminology. I would record myself saying these for you but I just can’t face that amount of public humiliation, ha! Give these a try and have fun!

Boston  |  Bahstan

park the car  |   paahk tha caah

wicked hard  |  wikhed haahd

beer  |  beeah

soda  |  soder

going to Harvard  |  going ta hahvud

idea  |  idear

really good  |  wikhed pissah

weird  |  weeyid

Worcester (that’s a town)  |   wistah

Revere (another town)  |  Reveah

north  |  noth

water fountain  |  bubblah

garbage  |  gahbidge

pizza  |  pizzer

lobster  |  lobstah

stop  |  stahp

color  |  colluh

can  |  cayan

sprinkles  |  jimmies

bargain  |  bahgin

bear  |  bayah

 I could go on, but you get the idea. It’s not an easy accent to master, but I bet if you come visit Boston and you hear it everywhere then you’ll get a lot better at it! Hint hint, come visit Boston, it’s the best city. Here’s my Boston Bucket List to keep you busy when you’re here!

How To Do a Boston Accent // Brittany from Boston

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