My 10 Favorite Bars in Boston // Brittany from Boston

My 10 Favorite Bars in Boston

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Boston has a ton of great bars to choose from, so your best bet is to know which ones you want to visit so you can plan ahead. I did the leg work for you and tested out loads of different bars in Boston (tough work right?). And now I have compiled for you here my absolute favorite bars in Boston and why each one is worth a visit!

My 10 Favorite Bars in Boston // Brittany from Boston

My 10 FAVORITE Bars in Boston:

  1. Liberty Hotel

The Liberty Hotel actually has four floors of bars in their massive facility which until 30 years ago was an operational jail! It’s now a swanky hotel and bar that plays into its incarcerated past. Check out Alibi on the bottom level and you’ll feel you’ve stepped into a very high end jail cell! Or Clink on the second level, which is more spacious and shows off the building’s lofted ceilings. As a bonus, on Wednesdays they have Yappy Hour here, which is when folks bring their dogs to happy hour. It’s even better than it sounds.

  1. Bleacher Bar

Boston is famous for the Red Sox, and Bleacher Bar gives you the best view outside the park. From the bar you actually get a view inside to Fenway Park from the massive window under the bleachers! It’s probably the coolest place to grab a beer in the city, but word has gotten out, so if you go on game day you should arrive early!

My 10 Favorite Bars in Boston // Brittany from Boston

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  1. Drink

If you really care about what you’re drinking, you want to go to Drink. At this bar in the Seaport District, you don’t actually order drinks. You tell the bartenders (more like expert cocktail craftsmen!) what base you want and the flavors you like, then they create a cocktail to please!

  1. Howl at the Moon

When you’re feeling like dancing, Howl at the Moon is the bar for you! With dueling pianos on stage, the live music is the center of attraction. The crowd here is fun and upbeat, and the drinks are cheap. Definitely one of my favorite bars in Boston!

My 10 Favorite Bars in Boston // Brittany from Boston

Doors of Boston

  1. Envoy Hotel

My favorite rooftop bar in the Boston is at the top of Envoy Hotel, just at the entrance of the Seaport District. It offers gorgeous views of the harbor and city skyline, complimented by well-crafted drinks, and a fun professional crowd for happy hour. I went here once a week last summer, it’s definitely worth a visit!

  1. Carrie Nation

This is the hipster of bars. Carrie Nation was a woman who, in the early 20th century, led the prohibition movement in the US. Now someone has the sense of humor to name a bar after her! The funny backstory will get you in the door, but you’ll stay for the impressive cocktail list and speakeasy vibes.

  1. Brahmin

This is my favorite bar for dancing and mingling! With separate spaces for a dance floor and massive bar, you get the best of both here. The crowd is mostly young professionals and lots of international folks. Don’t show up later than 11 or you’ll be waiting in line outside! It’s one of the most popular bars in Boston on Friday and Saturday nights!

My 10 Favorite Bars in Boston // Brittany from Boston

  1. The Sevens

This is the actual modern equivalent to the Cheers bar. This small, no-frills pub on Charles St is where Beacon Hill residents stop in for a pint after a long week. It’s cozy and local, which is sometimes just what you need!

  1. Eastern Standard

This upscale bar contrasts the typical sports bars near Fenway and offers a sophisticated space to share a drink. They make a mean French 75!

  1. Yardhouse

Sometimes you do just need a good sports bar with a lot of great beer options. I think you could live in Boston for years and never try all the beers at Yardhouse. If you’re feeling crazy, order the full yard of your favorite beer and see how long it takes to finish!

Wow, that was hard. There are so many great bars in Boston, it’s hard to pick just ten favorites! But anyways, there you have it, my favorite bars in Boston. Speaking of which…is it 5 o’clock yet??

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My Favorite Bars in Boston // Brittany from Boston


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  1. My husband and I were lucky enough to nab seats at the bar at the Yardhouse while a Yankees-Red Sox game was going on at Fenway. The atmosphere was amazing! And so was the beer and food 🙂 next time we are in town we’ll have to try some of the other places on your list.

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