My Favorite Charities: Causes Worth Giving To // Brittany from Boston

My Favorite Charities: Causes Worth Giving To

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Amid all the holiday joy, the time spent with family, and the displays of love and kindness at this time of year, I think it’s really important to find a way to give to those in need. Maybe you can help your elderly neighbor shovel her snow, or volunteer at a soup kitchen, join the board of a local charity, or donate to charities that are helping around the world. As you count your blessings this holiday season, remember to share the blessings with others. These are my favorite charities, they’re the ones I’m donating to. And I know that with my help they are helping so many people around the world. That’s a wonderful thing. And as the year draws to a close, this is your last chance to make a tax-deductible charitable donation. Let’s end the year with kindness and giving!

My Favorite Charities


I have worked very closely with UNICEF for many years, from serving on their National Committee for College Chapters, to raising money and running the NYC Marathon on their team, and more. I love the work that they do to help children all around the world. They provide life-saving medical care, clean water, nutritious food, a safe school environment, and protection in many different situations. Help UNICEF to help the children of the world.

International Committee of the Red Cross

Whenever disaster or conflict strikes, the Red Cross is there to provide medical attention and life-saving treatment. It’s at the worst time and in the most inconvenient locations that their help comes in to save the day. The Red Cross doctors and nurses are risking their lives to provide medical care to those in need around the world. The least we can do is give a donation to support them.

Human Rights Watch

Coming from a safe and secure country, where my rights are protected and preserved, I sometimes take for granted the importance of human rights. The Human Rights Watch works tirelessly to defend human rights. They improve human rights where they are lacking, and make sure that everybody has their rights protected.

Amazon Conservation Association

Having visited the Amazon Rain Forest on my trip to Ecuador, I know first-hand how beautiful, valuable, and important that region is. The Amazon Conservation Association works to protect that natural resource, to make sure it is around for generations to come. Let’s all help protect this precious region of the world.

American Refugee Committee

The refugee crisis is growing worse and worse in Syria, in South Sudan, in Pakistan, in Somalia, and more. With the growing refugee crisis, the work of the Refugee Committee is of great importance. They provide humanitarian relief, and help people rebuild their lives at a most crucial time. So let’s help the refugees find a better way forward.

My Favorite Charities: Causes Worth Giving To // Brittany from Boston

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