The Perfect Airplane Outfit // Brittany from Boston

The Perfect Airplane Outfit

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The key to looking fabulous when you’re traveling is to find the perfect airplane outfit. You want something that will be comfortable as you’re spending long hours on planes, trains, and buses, as you’re lugging around bags and waiting in long lines. But you also want something that’s chic and stylish so you don’t look quite as tired and haggard as you feel! The art of the perfect airplane outfit is something that takes practice to master. And I’m here to impart my knowledge from hundreds of flights, to share what I’ve learned from my extensive travels.

The Perfect Airplane Outfit // Brittany from Boston

There are a number of considerations to account for when picking out your perfect airplane outfit. First, you want to wear shoes that are easy to slip off, as you’ll need to take them off each time you go through airport security. (And you’ll probably want them off in-flight as well!) Next, you want to avoid wearing anything with metal in it, as that will also prolong your airport security process. Save the jewelry for once you’re at your destination!

You’ll also want to consider dressing in layers because you’ll probably be cold in the highly air-conditioned plane but you may be quite warm when you’re running around the airport, and you’ll have to consider the weather at your departure and arrival points as well.

I like to wear yoga pants so that I can be comfortable, and then a sweater and/or scarf that can be used for warmth or rolled up as a pillow. I go with all-black clothes when I’m traveling because they hide wrinkles and always look stylish. And then I keep it interesting with a patterned scarf and colorful bag. Put all of that together and you have the perfect airplane outfit!

The Perfect Airplane Outfit // Brittany from Boston

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One thought on “The Perfect Airplane Outfit

  1. Hi Brit, great post !
    Leggings pants are the best choice, I always wear those in a flight.
    And a scarf is an absolute must have and it saves you if it’s too cold or if there is no blanket, too much lights and in many other cases 🙂
    I can’t understand how some cheeks travel on heels and why, even if I love wearing hills. You will be more likely asked to take them off for screening and your legs will be sored. So flat light shoes are the best, I prefer covered feet though. It is often cold in the airplanes.

    lovely blog and I am happy to find it

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