The Perfect Summer Packing List // Brittany from Boston

The Perfect Summer Packing List

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Summer is FINALLY here! Hooray! What took it so long? I hope you’re enjoying these warm happy summer months as much as I am. And I hope they include at least a couple weekends away, maybe even a whole week. For those perfect little summer getaways, whether with your girlfriends, a significant other, your family, or just yourself, you need the perfect summer packing list. I’ve got for you here the essentials that you cannot get through the summer without. So whether it’s a quick little break near home, or a worldly destination like my travel recommendations for this summer, you’ll want to check out the perfect summer packing list before you go!

The Perfect Summer Packing List:


Please please please promise me that you’ll wear sunscreen every day this summer. You only get one set of skin, don’t put it at risk of melanoma by neglecting to wear sunscreen. Trust me, I used to do cancer research with melanoma patients, it’s not pretty. Besides, if you don’t wear sunscreen, you’ll burn. But if you wear sunscreen, you’ll get a tan. Let’s call it a win-win. Don’t forget you need new sunscreen every year, it’s only good for a few months.

Great Big Hat

This gives your face and neck an extra layer of protection while making you look fabulously chic. Your face and neck are the most exposed to the sun on a day-to-day basis, so they need a little extra cover. And with this season’s surge of extra-sassy hats donning sequined phrases like ‘out of office,’ this is a trend too cool to pass up! These are a few of my favorites (plus this tutorial on my sister’s blog Courtney Drew about how you can make your own!).

Beautiful Bikini

Living and shopping for bikinis in the south of France this summer, I’m reminded of how conservative the American standards for bikinis are! I stepped out of the dressing room, thinking my bikini bottoms were a bit small, ready to ask for a larger size. And the saleswoman said to me ‘oh la la, those are too big, let’s move you down a size!’ We compromised on the size I currently had on. But I love that bikinis are taking on new bold shapes this year, with enough variety to flatter any body type. So get ready to rock the high waistlines, the well-placed ruffles, and the colors that will fool people to think you’re actually tan.

Strappy Sandals

I hate flip-flops, I think they’re bad for your feet and their tendency to slip off make them an impractical shoe choice. But sandals I can get behind. Sandals keep your feet strapped in but also allow airflow. I think that with just one or two pairs, you can get through the whole summer and work any outfit. Always the minimalist, I know (check out my guide to packing with just a carry-on here). Here are some sandals I love and that promise to give you funny-looking tan lines.

Light Summer Dresses

I could live in dresses and nothing else all summer and be the happiest girl in the world. I love a good sundress. It’s easy to throw on, it always looks good, it flatters your body, it allows airflow on those super hot days, and there are an untold number of beautiful colors, patterns, and cuts to choose from. Here are just a few of my favorites right now, but I could really do a whole post on these beauties.

Some Cool Shades

Of course to complete the ensemble, you’ll need some cool shades. I’m always a fan of the big bug-eyed sunglasses because I think they make my head look smaller and I feel fabulous and mysterious when I wear them. But every face shape has a sunglasses shape that fits it best. These are some of my favorites.

A Good Book

I’m such a book nerd and I’m not ashamed to say it! A good book can keep you company, teach you something, and inspire you to do great things. I especially love reading on vacation. It’s like cheating the system and sneaking in some extra reading during this bonus time. I recently shared with you my favorite wanderlust books, and these are some of my favorites especially for this summer (don’t forget to find me on Goodreads).

There’s no denying that summer is the best season of the year. With all this extra sunshine and warmth, our vitamin D levels are high and so are our endorphins. As you enjoy the summer and jet off on your summer vacations, keep this perfect summer packing list in mind and you’ll be good to go!

The Perfect Summer Packing List // Brittany from Boston

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