The 5 Best Places for Women to Travel Right Now // Brittany from Boston

Top 5 Places for Women to Travel Right Now

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It’s unavoidable. You tell your family or friends that you are embarking on a solo female travel adventure and then you have to wade through the onslaught of concerned (read: condescending) voices telling you how dangerous the world is. Oddly enough, these concerns often come from people who have done little to no traveling themselves. Not to mention the inherent sexism of these comments, which are never made to men that choose to travel alone. And yet, we persist. More women are traveling alone now than ever before in the history of travel. We are defying stereotypes, breaking down boundaries, and supporting each other in our pursuits of transformative travel experiences. It’s an incredible time to be a female traveler. So if you’re like me and you’re craving more adventure, here are the top five places for women to travel right now. Get ready to book your flights!

Best Places for Women to Travel

1  |  Copenhagen, Denmark

The UN has named it one of the happiest cities in the world, so head over to Copenhagento get a boost of happiness! It’s also clean, safe, easy to navigate, and endlessly photogenic. You’ll see homes of every different color lined up along the water and you won’t be able to resist the photo opportunity! When you visit Copenhagen, be sure to take a boat ride through the canals, stroll through the gardens at Frederiksberg Palace, explore the underground art scene at Cisternerne, and climb up The Round Tower. Then grab a bite to eat at Restaurant Krebsegaarden, Europa1989, or Mad & Kaffe.

Copenhagen, Denmark

2  |  Tokyo, Japan

I’ve never felt safer than when I was traveling in Tokyo. There’s a profound sense of respect for others in Tokyo, as well as for the city itself. But this city is more than just safe and clean, it has a culture that’s deeply rooted in its historic and religious background. There’s so much to do in this sprawling metropolis but I suggest that when you’re in Tokyo, you take a MarioKart ride around the Akihabara neighborhood, attend a traditional tea ceremony, go to the top of the Tokyo tower, and watch the auctions at the Tsukiji fish market. Then indulge in all the sushi you can get your hands on!

Tokyo, Japan // Brittany from Boston


3  |  Torres del Paine, Chile

There’s nothing more exhilarating than hiking to the top of a mountain and feeling like you are literally on top of the world. It’s at once both a power trip and a humbling reminder of the grandeur of nature. Head down to Torres del Paine in the Patagonia region of Chile for some serious outdoor wanderlust. Hike your way through the park and I promise you’ll come out a different person. It’s a safe and well-hiked route, and the only obstacles to women are the same obstacles of nature that the men have to face! You can hike either the W route or the circuit, and if you’re not an experienced hiker there are tours you can join to explore the mountains in safety.

Torres del Paine, Chile // Brittany from Boston


4  |  Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne takes the cake as the world’s most livable city, so you’ll have to resist the urge to move there when you visit! It makes a great city for women to visit because everyone is so friendly here and you’ll find it easy to rely on locals for recommendations. But do plan to include on your itinerary a football match or cricket match at Melbourne Cricket Ground depending on the season, marveling at the modern art of Justin Art House Museum, enjoying a rooftop drink at Madame Brussels, and exploring the street art at Hosier Lane. Then check out the delicious food at Attica, Lune Croissanterie, and Smith & Daughters.

Melbourne, Australia


5  |  Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia is quickly climbing the ranks of travel destinations and it’s about time! With a gorgeous and nearly endless coastline, thousands of waterfalls, Italian-inspired cuisine, medieval walled towns rich in history, and a cheaper price tag than western Europe, it was only a matter of time until tourists discovered this Mediterranean gem. The coastline is pretty popular so escape the crowds and head to Zagreb, which is as small and idyllic a European capital as you could ever hope it to be. Check out St. Mark’s Church, the Museum of Broken Relationships, and Medvednica Mountain while you’re here in Zagreb!

Zagreb, Croatia // Brittany from Boston

Top 5 Places for Women to Travel Right Now // Brittany from Boston


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