10 Places to Eat in Paris // Brittany from Boston

10 Places to Eat in Paris

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The city of lights, the city of love, the city of food, Paris has it all. And when you travel to this most-famed city, you will want to try every different French delicacy and treat you can get your hands on. I do believe it would take a lifetime to eat your way through Paris, but here are 30 of my favorite places to eat in Paris to get you started!

10 Places to Eat in Paris

1  |  Café du Trocadero

Across the street and across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower, the Café du Tocadero is the prime viewing location for the hourly lights show on the Tower. Sit down with a cheese board and bottle of wine as you watch the Tower light up and sparkle.

Cafe du Trocadero

2  |  La Cure Gormande

Not sure anyone loves bonbons more than me, but if you’re looking for a sweet treat check out La Cure Gourmande. The shop is adorable, like something you would see in a children’s fairytale about bonbons, and the selection of sweets is downright overwhelming. They’ll usually let you try a few if you’re confused at what you’re looking at, too.

3  |  Le Studio Café

After you’ve made your way up the hill to the Sacre-Coeur and you’re in need of refueling, head in to Le Studio Café for an authentic French Café experience. I recommend the croque monsieur, a classic French sandwich that is toasted with ham in the middle and cheese on top.

4  |  KL Patisserie

At this uber-luxurious patisserie, or pastry shop, you can enjoy a decadent treat while watching the master pastry chefs in action. Have a seat in Le Salon at KL Patisserie and watch as they create the millefeuilles, éclairs, and more!

KL Patisserie

5  |  Auberge Pyrenees Cevennes

Specializing in food from the south of France, such as the slow-cooked cassoulet filled with meat and beans, Auberge Pyrenees Cevennes is a favorite amongst Parisians for some country home cooking. Your eating experience in Paris isn’t complete without a taste of the South of France!

10 Places to Eat in Paris // Brittany from Boston

6  |  Boneshaker Doughnuts

The variety of flavors at this doughnut shop will either excite you or overwhelm you. If you need a suggestion, I say go for the popcorn doughnuts. No matter what you choose, I think you will love it here at Boneshaker Doughnuts!

7  |  Le Meurice

If pastries are your style, and you’re looking to take it to the next level, head over to Le Meurice, where you can enjoy a pastry in a palace. It doesn’t get any more French than that! The pastries are delicious and the setting is Instagram-worthy.

Le Meurice

8  |  Le Cinq

Some of the finest food in the world can be found in Paris, and some of the finest food in Paris can be found at Le Cinq. A Michelin-starred restaurant in the Four Season Hotel George V, Le Cinq offers guests a fine selection of entrees and wines, with formal service that will make one feel as if he is dining with royalty.

9  |  Pozzetto

I’ll be honest, when I’m in France, I can usually be spotted wandering about with a gelato in-hand. You’ll find plenty of great gelato shops in Paris, but one of my favorites is Pozzetto. Try their freshly-made pistachio, my favorite!

10  |  Chez Julien

The historic Belle Epoque décor is just the beginning of all there is to love about Chez Julien. Come for the instagrammable setting, but stay for the duck foie gras with truffle, and for the wild sea bass with lemon caviar butter sauce, and for the chateaubriand steak of beef. Yum, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

Chez Julien

These are some of my favorite places to eat around Paris, and I know you’ll love them too. Thank you to Top Paris Transfer for sponsoring this post. When you arrive in Paris, use Top Paris Transfer to get to your destination safely so you can start your explorations and eating straight away. With Top Paris Transfer, you’re in good hands. 

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