20 Signs You Are a Traveler at Heart // Brittany from Boston

20 Signs You Are a Traveler at Heart

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The other day my Mom was bragging about my travels to some random person because she’s such a proud momma, and I’m standing there awkward and embarrassed, and this guy is listening politely. But when she’s done, his response is “Well God bless ya. I like to stay put.” Haha, it was so candid and honest I just thought it was so funny. It made me realize that I forget sometimes how my obsession with travel is unique. I forget that not everyone wants to travel, because I usually surround myself with like-minded travel-obsessed wanderlust fanatics. So I decided to round up the 20 Signs You Are a Traveler at Heart, in case you need to check whether you are or not. If you can relate to most of these quirky signs of travel obsession, you are probably a traveler at heart.

Signs You Are a Traveler

  1. You spend your spare time perusing through travel blogs and looking up airfares to random destinations.
  2. Your instagram feed is 90% travel accounts.
  3. You have at least one world map hanging on your wall.
  4. You can find probably four different types of currency in your wallet at any given time.
  5. You won’t read a book or watch a movie unless it’s set in some foreign place.
  6. You use a travel toothbrush, even when you’re at home, and all of your toiletries are 100ml or less.
  7. You can pack your suitcase in under an hour and be ready to go to the airport.
  8. When choosing a job, the amount of vacation days they offer is even more important to you than salary or location or coworkers.
  9. You don’t need to go to the travel clinic before taking a trip because you’ve already had all the vaccinations they offer.
  10. You know a handful of phrases in a dozen different languages.
  11. You have more frequent flier miles than actual dollars in your bank account.
  12. The first thing you ask to someone you meet is where they’ve traveled recently.
  13. You’re more worried about running out of pages in your passport for stamps, than about your passport actually expiring.
  14. When someone asks where you got your dress, you don’t respond with a brand name of a store but rather with the country where you were traveling when you bought it.
  15. You have a separate savings bank just for your travel funds.
  16. You start every story with “When I was traveling in…”
  17. You have the weather reports for a dozen different cities listed in the weather app on your phone.
  18. Instead of gifts, on your birthday you ask for money to travel.
  19. You have your passport number memorized from filling out customs forms so many times.
  20. You have a travel to-do list and somehow it continues to grow longer even as you travel and check destinations off the list!

If this sounds like you, then those are the signs you are a traveler at heart. Welcome to the club! We may be infected with the travel bug, but the only cure is to get out there and travel. What do you think are some other signs you are a traveler?

20 Signs You Are a Traveler at Heart // Brittany from Boston


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