Hiking Volcan San Pedro

Hiking Volcan San Pedro

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At the base of Volcan San Pedro, the hike we’re about to begin seems manageable, not too high or intimidating. My guide must see the overt confidence on my face because he interrupts my thoughts by saying, “Yeah she doesn’t look like much from down here, but don’t be fooled. She’s a tough hike.” With […]

Hiking Volcan Tajumulco

Hiking Volcan Tajumulco

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After three hours on a chicken bus packed past the limit with Guatemalans and a few gringos, we get out and stretch our legs. With our overnight packs weighing down on our shoulders and hips, we head towards the start of the trail. We begin early this morning hiking up Volcan Tajumulco, eager to take […]

Life in Xela, Guatemala // Brittany from Boston

Life in Xela, Guatemala

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It’s six in the evening and the sun is setting over Xela, Guatemala (formally known as Quetzaltenango). The rainy season here in Guatemala is the Central American equivalent of winter, with the shorter days and undesirable weather. Today it’s only drizzling and I walk the four blocks from my apartment to the Parque Centrale. It’s […]

Living the Chill Life in Puerto Escondido, Mexico // Brittany from Boston

Living the Chill Life in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

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I hear the rhythmic crashing of waves upon the rocks nearby as the hot Mexican sun beats down on my body. I have a cerveza in hand by noon and I share with my fellow beachgoers just one goal for the day, to do nothing at all. Nothing that is, except for what will make me […]

Hiking Mt Monadnock // Brittany from Boston

Hiking Mt Monadnock

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The second most popular mountain for hiking in the whole world (after Mt. Fuji in Japan), Mt Monadnock in New Hampshire is a short drive from Boston. This makes it a perfect day trip from the city. While it’s not as grand as the White or Green Mountains further north, it’s easily accessible. Hiking Mt […]

Why You Should Travel Solo // Brittany from Boston

Why You Should Travel Solo

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People often have some resistance to the idea of going to travel solo, but the truth is that it’s awesome and a lot of fun! So I want to tell you all about why you should try to travel solo. Who did you travel with?” “No one. I just went by myself.” “But why…?” This was not an […]

Your Guide to America's National Parks // Brittany from Boston

Your Guide to America’s National Parks

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Is there anything more wonderful than America’s National Parks? I don’t think so. Out most beautiful natural treasures, preserved for generations to come…it’s my favorite way to explore this country! The national parks system in the U.S. is a wonderful example of how the preservation of land can be beneficial on multiple fronts. The land […]