Where to Find the Best Clam Chowder in Boston // Brittany from Boston

Where to Find the Best Clam Chowder in Boston

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One of the dishes you must try when you come to Boston is our fresh and creamy New England clam chowder. It’s absolutely essential to the Boston experience and so I want to tell you where you can find the best clam chowder in Boston. While you’re here you will want to check out the […]

Boston Photo Diary // Brittany from Boston

My Boston Photo Diary

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In case you didn’t notice, I love my hometown city of Boston. It’s such an undeniably charming city! With some of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods in the country, a clean and sprawling harbor, luscious green parks dotted around the city, and an irresistible blend of architectural styles, Boston is the epitome of photogenic. […]

The Best Places to Travel in Autumn // Brittany from Boston

The Best Places to Travel in Autumn

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Without a doubt, autumn is my favorite season! It’s the most beautiful time of year when the foliage turns color and we make the descent from summer to winter. Growing up in Boston, I have been thoroughly spoiled with a lifetime of beautiful autumns, but it occurs to me that autumn is also beautiful in […]

How To Do a Boston Accent // Brittany from Boston

How To Do a Boston Accent

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I am forever disappointing people in my travels who expect me to speak with a Boston accent, but I don’t! But it’s true that I know lots and lots of people back home who speak with a Boston accent and it’s somewhat comforting when I hear it. After the disappointment of finding that I don’t […]

Boston Bucket List // Brittany from Boston

Boston Bucket List

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Whether you’re just coming to visit or you’ve lived here all your life, these are the best and coolest things to do around Boston and you should really get to work on checking some of these off! To get the most of your time here, use this Boston Bucket List to plan you way around […]

The Start of Rooftop Bar Season in Boston // Brittany from Boston

Start of Rooftop Bar Season

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The start of rooftop bar season in Boston signals the start of summer, the most fun and vibrant time of year. The city comes alive and we all spend as much time outside as we can during these few months of warm weather. I personally make it my mission to frequent as many rooftop bars […]

Doors of Boston Giveaway // Brittany from Boston

Giveaway: Doors of Boston poster!

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I want to give you all the chance to win a Doors of Boston poster totally free! This print was inspired by my walks around Boston, where I was constantly in awe of the beautiful doorways in these historic neighborhoods. I found myself stopping every few doors to snap a photo, which annoyed my dog but […]