20 Bars to Try in New York City // Brittany from Boston

20 Bars To Try in New York City

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There are more bars in New York City than there are nights to try them all! What a problem we have here. Although you could make it your mission to try them all, I thought I would give you some tips to get you started. These are the 20 bars I think you should try […]

The 20 Most Popular Sights in London // Brittany from Boston

The 20 Most Popular Sights in London

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London is one of those cities that’s just so full of cool and interesting sights to see that you could visit for an entire week and not even move past the tourist sights. That’s probably why it’s such a popular destination for travelers and tourists the world over. If you’re planning your first trip to […]

Top 15 Things To Do in Santiago, Chile // Brittany from Boston

Top 15 Things to do in Santiago, Chile

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I wasn’t expecting Santiago, Chile to charm me like it did. It kind of snuck up on me! But with the booming winery industry, warm people, fresh seafood, and expressive street art, it’s no wonder I loved it. One of the things that makes Santiago a unique city is that it doesn’t have a major […]

8 Things to do in Naples, Italy // Brittany from Boston

8 Things to Do in Naples, Italy

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Naples, Italy is not for the faint of heart. Its rough exterior and unapologetic demeanor may turn the casual tourist away. But Naples is rich in history and culture, and it has contributed much to the significance that Italy bears…not the least of which is the pizza and gelato! Plus it’s the perfect spot to start […]