Wine Tasting Etiquette // Brittany from Boston

Wine Tasting Etiquette

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The art of a wine tasting may seem intimidating to those of you who haven’t been before. It may seem like a pastime reserved for wine connoisseurs and experts only. But it’s not, and it’s a lot of fun no matter how much you know about wine! To help you make the most of your […]

Wine Touring: Sonoma Visitor Guide // Brittany from Boston

Wine Touring: Sonoma Visitor Guide

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I better start this off by answering your first question…No, I didn’t go to Napa! Napa gets more press than Sonoma, but the more I spoke with people from here or who had visited both regions, the more I was drawn to Sonoma. So if you’re in the mood for good wine, head over to […]

Top 15 Things To Do in Santiago, Chile // Brittany from Boston

Top 15 Things to do in Santiago, Chile

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I wasn’t expecting Santiago, Chile to charm me like it did. It kind of snuck up on me! But with the booming winery industry, warm people, fresh seafood, and expressive street art, it’s no wonder I loved it. One of the things that makes Santiago a unique city is that it doesn’t have a major […]

Tasting & Touring at the Newport Vineyards // Brittany from Boston

Tasting & Touring at the Newport Vineyards

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A short drive away from the idyllic seaside town of Newport, Rhode Island is the source of wine for the town’s locals and visitors, the Newport Vineyards. Although a relatively new winery, they have mastered the craft of a large variety of wines, everything from Newport Merlot to In the Buff Chardonnay to Bellevue Blush […]