Cherry Blossom Photo Diary // Brittany from Boston

Cherry Blossom Photo Diary

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Cherry blossom season, also known as sakura, is the most beautiful time of year to visit Asia! When I was in South Korea and Japan at this time last year I filled my camera with photos of the cherry blossoms and ran around in search of ever more photogenic blooms. These small pink and white […]

Newport Beach Visitor Guide // Brittany from Boston

Newport Beach Visitor Guide

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As popular in pop culture as anywhere in California, Newport Beach has been the setting for such television reality shows as The OC and Real Housewives of Orange County, among others. I haven’t watched those shows before, but I knew the reputation of Newport Beach as a wealthy beach town. Here the median price of […]

7 Must-Haves to Survive a Long Flight // Brittany from Boston

7 Must-Haves to Survive a Long Flight

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If you’ve been there you know, having a long-haul flight in front of you is daunting. You’re staring down the barrel of ten or more straight hours of sitting in the same position in a tight seat next to a stranger. You don’t know if it’ll be super hot or freezing cold, but you know […]

Capsule Hotels: What to Expect // Brittany from Boston

Capsule Hotels: What to Expect

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One of the experiences I was most eager to try in Tokyo was staying at a capsule hotel. I know, I know, there are far more culturally unique and interesting things to experience in Japan. But something about the idea of staying in a micro-hotel modeled after a first-class cabin in a high-end airplane just […]

8 Things to do in Barbados // Brittany from Boston

8 Things to do in Barbados

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If the winter weather has you down, maybe you need a Caribbean vacation! And in honor of Rihanna recently winning the Harvard Humanitarian of the Year Award for her work in her home country of Barbados, I think this may be just the vacation you need! When I visited Barbados last year, I was reminded again and […]

6 Principles of Slow Travel // Brittany from Boston

6 Principles of Slow Travel

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A common misconception about permanent travelers is that we spend a fortune on our travels, that we must be independently wealthy to find out globetrotting. This couldn’t be farther from the truth because actually slow travel is the cheapest way to travel! I could travel for a year on the same budget that some people […]

Top 10 Things to do in Dublin // Brittany from Boston

Top 10 Things to do in Dublin

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I had such a fantastic and crazy time when I visited Dublin. And that is because I visited Dublin on Saint Patrick’s Day! This was a few years ago now, but I was ready to celebrate my Irish heritage and I wanted to visit this fun city on their great day of celebration. Dublin was […]