Ten Things To Do in NYC in Summer // Brittany from Boston

Ten Things To Do in NYC in Summer

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Summer in New York City is so fun, the weather is finally perfect and everyone is spending as much time as possible outside exploring! It’s the city that never sleeps, especially in summer. Come visit and see what it’s all about. There’s really so much to do, but here are some ideas of things to do in NYC in Summer:

Ten Things To Do in NYC in Summer // Brittany from Boston

Ten Things To Do in NYC in Summer

1 Pack a picnic and enjoy lunch in the sun (complete with people-watching of course!). With so many great parks to choose from around NYC, you may need to have several picnics this summer. Take your picnic to Central Park, or Madison Square Park with a nice view of the Flatiron Building, or Bryant Park near the New York Public Library, or Brooklyn Bridge Park.

2 Walk along the Highline, which is the super cool elevated park created on an old set of train tracks. It’s a great walk with cool views. And you can even take it up a notch by heading over to the Highline at night for some stargazing with the Amateur Astronomers Association of NYC!

3 Take a ferry…just get off the island and enjoy the breeze! A ferry is your best bet for the cheapest way to enjoy a cruise in the Hudson River. Take a nice little day trip over to Governor’s Island, or Staten Island, or the Statue of Liberty.

4 Rent a bike and ride around Central Park, this is the time to get out and explore. And because the park is so huge, your best bet for seeing it all is on a bike!

Ten Things To Do in NYC in Summer // Brittany from Boston

5 Play chess in Washington Square Park (or Bryant Park!). There are public chess tables in both parks and all you need to bring is a set of chess pieces. Opponent optional, as you can usually find one of those at the park!

6 Sip cocktails to celebrate summer in the greatest city on earth! Head up to one of NYC’s best rooftop bars for drinks with a view…find the best ones right now here and here.

7 Get active with volleyball at Pier 25 or yoga fusion by the flatiron with The Rise NYC or mini golf at Hudson River Park (the only mini golf in Manhattan!).

8 Experience the outdoor arts…you’ve got your pick of so much great art across the spectrum and across the city. Definitely check out Shakespeare in the Park, film screenings in parks around the city (get the full line-up here), and a whole bunch of really cool public art installations (find them here!).

Ten Things To Do in NYC in Summer // Brittany from Boston

9 Soar to new heights and enjoy views of the city as you go flying through the air at the Trapeze School New York. It’s one of the quirkiest ways to experience NYC but if you’re brave enough to give it a try, it’s the experience of a lifetime! Head over to Pier 40 and let it fly!

10 Take over the streets! During Summer Streets, Park Avenue is shut down to cars between Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park, turning it into a pedestrian street. In this stretch of the city there is so much to do and see, plus it’s extra fun when it’s foot-traffic only! Join in the fun on Saturdays in August.

These ten things to do in NYC in summer should get you off to a good start! You can also check out my Top 20 Things to do in NYC, which are fun all year round. And my Sex & The City Guide to New York, if you’re a fan of the show like I am! For a weekly roundup of fun free things to do in NYC, head over to MaryinManhattan.com where NYC expert Mary keeps us up to date on the best and cheapest ways to see NYC.

Ten Things To Do in NYC in Summer // Brittany from Boston

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