Top 5 Places to Visit This Summer // Brittany from Boston

Top 5 Places to Visit this Summer

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With the start of summer comes so many exciting travel destinations. Some places are really best visited in the summertime, it’s when they truly shine. Here are my five favorite places to visit this summer. I hope you can visit some (or all) of them!

Top 5 Places to Visit This Summer

Cape Cod

Cape Cod is one of my all-time favorite summer vacation spots, along with nearby islands Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. It’s close to my home in Boston and close to my heart. The beaches are great, and each little town has a great downtown area for exploring. It’s the perfect place to take a vacation with your family or friends. Since I can’t make it this year, won’t you go visit for me? Check out my guides to some popular Cape Cod towns: Eastham, Orleans, Chatham, Wellfleet, Provincetown, Nantucket.

Top 5 Places to Visit This Summer // Brittany from Boston

French Riviera

I’m spending this summer on the French Riviera and it is divine! I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s sunny beaches and old seaside towns and French culture and food…total perfection. From Nice to Cannes, St Tropez to Antibes, and even across the border slightly to Monaco, it’s all fun in the Mediterranean sun! If you want to visit Antibes, check out my visitor’s guide here!

Top 5 Places to Visit This Summer // Brittany from Boston

Niagara Falls

It’s the most visited waterfall in the world, and it will seriously blow you away. Imagine standing next to Niagara Falls, watching 3160 tons (TONS!) of water flowing over the edge every second! It’s insane and I can’t even make you understand how humbling it is to stand beside this immense feat of nature. You just have to go see it for yourself! The natural erosion of the falls means the edge recedes by a foot each year so don’t wait too long to see this beautiful water display. Check out my Niagara Falls post here.

Top 5 Places to Visit This Summer // Brittany from Boston


Ever since I studied in London, this city has held a special place in my heart. There’s so much to love about London, as anyone who has visited knows. But it also tends to be a bit dreary most of the year so the summer is the best season to visit. And with the Brexit situation making the pound a weak currency, this is the summer to go! Check out my recommendations of what to see and do in London here.

Top 5 Places to Visit This Summer // Brittany from Boston

South Africa

Summer in the northern hemisphere means it’s winter in the southern. But winter is actually the perfect time to visit South Africa! This way it’s not super hot and you can actually enjoy your visit properly. South Africa was my first international trip and it completely changed my life. Click here to read about why you should go on safari in South Africa. Mix it up this summer and head to the southern hemisphere for a winter visit to Africa!

Top 5 Places to Visit This Summer // Brittany from Boston

These are my recommendations of the top 5 places to visit this summer! I hope you have the chance to visit because I know you’ll enjoy them. If you do go to any of these, be sure to send me an update on social media (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) to show off your awesome summer travels!

Top 5 Places to Visit This Summer // Brittany from Boston

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11 thoughts on “Top 5 Places to Visit this Summer

  1. Wow, the French Riviera looks beautiful. I’m from the UK so I’m pretty gutted about Brexit for many reasons. I had saved up a lot of money for travelling and, now that the pound is so weak, it’s not going to go far at all 🙁 It’s good to know that people from other countries have benefited though, and hopefully tourism will help make the pound strong again!

  2. I would be happy to visit any of those places this summer! I’ve never been to Cape Cod but would love to see that area during fall foliage!

  3. This is giving me major wanderlust right now! I’m probably going to Toronto and Niagara Falls at the beginning of August, and I’m so excited!

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