5 Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee // Brittany from Boston

5 Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee

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When you’re out traveling, you don’t always have easy access to coffee. If you’re not strolling the streets of Paris or Rome, if instead you’re in the countryside or exploring the mountains, then you might find yourself in need of caffeine with no coffee in sight. And it’s so important to be fully energized to experience the best of your trip! In my travels I’ve figured out some ways to make sure I am awake and alert even if there’s no coffee available. Here are my tips for 5 ways to wake up without coffee:

5 Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee // Brittany from Boston

5 Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee

  1. Chug some water

Staying well-hydrated can actually keep you more awake than coffee! Start your morning with a big bottle of water and keep drinking water throughout the day. I’ve talked about the benefits of drinking lots of water for beating jetlag and staying healthy on the road, and it’s just as important for staying energized and awake! Read more about the benefits of hydration here.

5 Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee // Brittany from Boston

  1. Go for a run

The endorphins and energy you gain from going running are sometimes referred to as the runner’s high. Start your day by going for a run and you’ll come back energized, no coffee needed! By getting your blood flowing and your body moving, you’re sending your body the message that it’s time to wake up and get going for the day. It doesn’t have to be a long run, just get moving first thing in the morning to wake up without coffee.

  1. Caffeine sticks

I love these clean caffeine sticks called pureLYFT, which are a great coffee substitute made of green coffee bean extract. They don’t taste like anything, you just stir them into any drink and they add a burst of caffeine with zero calories. They’re small and portable, perfect for travel. And I like to add them to my green smoothies in the morning! You can buy them here at purelyft.com and get 25% off with discount code BrittanyFromBostonLYFT.

5 Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee // Brittany from Boston

  1. Take a cold shower

A quick cold shower in the morning gives you a jolt to your system, waking up your senses. It’s uncomfortable in the moment but it’s worth it to wake up without coffee and quickly. Combine this with a morning run and you’ll really be ready to take on your day of adventures!

  1. Do some Yoga

Yoga is a powerful tool for improving your energy and vitality, along with numerous other health benefits. While any type of yoga is good for waking up your muscles, getting your blood flowing, and moving some fresh air through your lungs, there are certain poses and sequences that are best for energizing. Check out the best yoga for energizing here.

When you’re out traveling and don’t have coffee available, there are still plenty of ways to wake up and be energized. So don’t worry about how you’re going to wake up without coffee in your travels!

5 Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee // Brittany from Boston

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5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee

  1. Great ideas! I’m a coffee addict and I was thinking I should probably give it up for a couple of weeks cause it’s currently making me feel drained in the long run instead of energized. These ideas are exactly what I needed!

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