Why You Should Visit Barbados // Brittany from Boston

Why You Should Visit Barbados

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As I lay peacefully on a lounge chair on the beach, white sand beneath me and blue skies dotted with clouds above, I realize I haven’t been this relaxed in a very long time. Barbados will do that to you, I see. The waves are small and nonthreatening as they gently crash up on the shore, creating a continuous soundtrack of the ocean that lulls me into a deeper relaxation with each crashing wave. The warm sun beats down on my body, but not too much as to make me sweat. This sun therapy soothes my every muscle as I seem to sink deeper into my lounge chair. I share this beach with other visitors but it’s quiet enough that I believe I am all alone. Yes, this was a great idea, to visit Barbados!

Why You Should Visit Barbados // Brittany from Boston

This dream can be a reality for you, too. Barbados really is a slice of paradise, and it’s distinct from other island vacations for a few important reasons. For your next beach getaway, here’s why you should visit Barbados:

>> The island is very safe. The crime rate is low and just about any crime that happens is between locals, so visitors and vacationers are entirely safe. As one of the locals I spoke with said, tourism is the biggest industry here, so no one would try to hurt or offend the people visiting here on vacation.

>> The white sand beaches are clean and beautiful. All the beaches on the island are public, so regardless of which resort you stay at you can go to any beach! And the beaches are great, not very crowded, clean and beautiful, everything you could want and expect! I particularly enjoyed the beaches on the west coast.

>> Everyone lives a relaxed lifestyle and it’s infectious. The vibe as soon as you step onto the island is easygoing and relaxed, no need to rush. You’ll instantly shed the crazy stressful thoughts of everyday life when you visit Barbados, where relaxed is the only way to be.

Why You Should Visit Barbados // Brittany from Boston

>> The people of Barbados are very friendly. Everyone I met while visiting was warm and welcoming, and willing to give directions or advice or take time to chat and share stories. Especially among the resort staff, I felt like I had found a second family and we shared sad hugs and goodbyes when it was time to leave. The hospitality I enjoyed in Barbados made the trip especially pleasant and memorable.

>> The underwater life is exciting. If you’re a scuba diver looking for a fun and challenging dive you’ll be able to see reefs extending nearly the length of the island and massive shipwrecks and seahorses and a beautiful array of fish. If you want to try diving for the first time, there are resort dives available to give you a taste of these sights. And if you go snorkeling you will still be afforded the opportunity to swim with sea turtles and fish in the shallow environments!

>> The sun is always out but not too strong. Being somewhat south within the Caribbean, Barbados is lucky to get less direct sun than many other islands. There is still certainly enough sun to stay warm and go tanning on the beach, but you’ll be saved from the stifling and sweaty heat in which you are on the constant lookout for a sunburn developing!

Barbados is a beautiful island, filled with really friendly people and great beaches. And these are the reasons you should visit Barbados. I can’t recommend highly enough that your next beach vacation be here! Have you been to Barbados? What did you enjoy most about it? What would you say is a big reason for people to visit Barbados?

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Why You Should Visit Barbados // Brittany from Boston

Why You Should Visit Barbados // Brittany from Boston

Why You Should Visit Barbados // Brittany from Boston

Why You Should Visit Barbados // Brittany from Boston

Why You Should Visit Barbados // Brittany from Boston

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  1. Barbados is really like heaven on Earth. I keep beautiful memories from Barbados from while I was working on a cruise ship… enjoy your life to the fullest!

    1. Oh how cool! I’ve been getting my feet wet in the world of yachting, but I’m also curious about cruise ship work. What work do you do there and would you recommend it for folks who like to travel?

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